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Audio-10 Years-Feeding The Wolves [Deluxe Edition]

Audio-10 Years-Feeding The Wolves [Deluxe Edition]

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Author: 10 Years

Brand: CD

Edition: Deluxe DLX ed.

Binding: Audio CD

Release Date: 31-08-2010

model number: 8878508

Details: Product Description

Deluxe Version contains 4 bonus tracks!

About the Artist

The members of 10 Years might not have used the word crossroads when they began the making of their newest Universal Republic album, but all would concur the wolf was at the door. Figuratively and literally - agree frontman Jesse Hasek and bassist Lewis Cosby; Fighting off the most unforgiving of predatory assaults that comes with the territory of a respected, veteran band like 10 Years who bears the scars of every battle won or lost along the way. The close-knit members' core creed has always demanded they set their own standards - answering only to their collective challenges as a band, wolves and industry damned. The difference this time is they called on all their might. And more than a little wisdom. The aptly titled result - Feeding The Wolves - thunders out from their storm-charred legacy as the heaviest album they've made in nearly a decade, a gift to loyal fans long promised darker hues from the Tennessee band, and maybe a much needed `opening' for a rock world starving for some kick-ass direction, of late. Ominous songs such as "Shoot It Out," "The Wicked Ones," and "Now Is The Time" sound and feel as if they can stop bullets, spreading the kind of musical shards and shrapnel that only a band in peak, 10 Years' condition can deliver. "I've enjoyed every album we've made for different reasons," says Jesse. "We never want to make the same record twice, but this one started with a kind of aggressive edge and ended with that same energy that really felt special. We worked hard not to take that `edge' off. We kept the integrity of the songs by keeping them aggressive." Lewis seconds the notion: "We've been saying for years we wanted to get back to a heavier, darker sound and then by the time we'd go into the studio, things would change. This time nothing changed. There was always that kick-ass feeling in the room, coupled with some things we haven't done before." Producer Howard Benson (Seether, Flyleaf) was chosen to helm the proceedings, another integral component to locking down the 10 Years magic that had made them one of the world's most enigmatic live and studio bands. "He understood where we were at and where we wanted to go," says Lewis. "He was perfect for this `big' sounding kind of record," states Jesse. Ironically, both Jesse and Lewis also cite the `drift' after 2008's prophetically titled Division - an album that was made after nearly two years on the road - as another factor in the path back to 10 Years' reclamation: A trial by fire and those not-as-obvious corrosive elements that can whittle away at a band's interior compass. The entire period became emblematic of the push-and-pull going on within 10 Years, truly a band that was stretched to its limits. "I think every band who has some success goes through it," says Lewis. "But there were days after a show where I'd actually wonder `was this our last?' We went through all kinds of changes during the Division cycle. Personnel changes, management changes - a lot of negativity rippling through our camp. We even made that record outside Seattle where we ended up only feeling more disconnected. We eventually decided to take some time away and get some perspective." A clean break can be cathartic - but never a guarantee that the players will reconvene on the same page. The band promised themselves before gathering for this album that getting back into that rehearsal room with their collective `headspace' intact was priority number one. "There was just a feeling in the air that we were going to come hard on this one," says Lewis. "We even gathered 3 weeks prior, in a rehearsal space in L.A. before we were scheduled to record, which was unusual for us. The fire in the belly was back." And as fate would have it, inspirational flames were also heating up the 10 Years furnace courtesy of the rehearsal room next door. "They probably don't even know what it meant to us, but R

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Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.0 x 0.3 inches

Languages: English

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